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December 2020 Newsletter

I hope you are all about to head into a few days of much-needed rest and relaxation. I imagine many of us relish saying goodbye to 2020; as we do that, I just want to thank you and say how grateful I am to you and to the whole CC community this year, for continuing to be so committed to pushing forward on climate action. 

You can see below the results of this year's Tracking Progress update, which showed that CC companies have been resilient in the face of COVID, with 70% still actively implementing commitments. More than a third of respondents reported that their climate efforts have been unchanged by the pandemic, or that they've redoubled their efforts. 

This level of continued commitment and progress is no small feat. You can read more of what we've done, from welcoming 217 new companies into our network to partnering in the largest business advocacy day on climate ever in this short blog. We have even more planned for 2021, so stay tuned! 

And, if you are able and don't yet support the CC, I hope you'll consider making a tax-deductible donation to keep our work going as we look toward next year. Every bit helps in keeping the work we do free and accessible to thousands of companies. 

Thank you for being part of this community! I hope you have a wonderful holiday, and can't wait to get back to work with you all in 2021. 

Take care,



Welcome to the newest companies making commitments, Sentient Bean and Brighter Day, Giusto's Specialty Foods, Kiwa Life, European Carbon Farmers, Reformation, Michigan Herbal Remedies, Fruit Forest Farm, r.Cup, Sundance Natural Foods, and OLIPOP! Click here for a complete list of the companies that have made commitments to date.

SPOTLIGHT: 2020 Tracking Progress Survey


We're excited to announce the results of our Tracking Progress survey! The Tracking Progress Update highlights the type and amount of progress that committed companies are making around their climate action commitments. We ask companies where in the implementation process they are, whether they are quantifying emissions reductions, and for details on their progress. Read about the progress our community is making here!


Danone, Full Harvest Collaborate to Address Food Waste

Starbucks, Unilever, DFA, and Vanguard Renewables commit to circular solution to food waste and GHG reduction launching Farm Powered Strategic Alliance

Guayaki Mission Accomplished

UNFI Commits to Setting Science-Based Targets to Limit Climate Change Impact

PCC Community Markets Recognized with World's First Living Building Challenge Petal-Certified Grocery Store by International Living Future Institute


Biden Picks His Climate Team

E.U. Agrees to Slash Carbon Emissions by 2030

Focusing on regenerative agriculture and moving to renewable electricity, Nestlé redoubles efforts to combat climate change

Digging deep: Mapping the global potential of soils to combat climate change

How carbon-smart farming is catalyzing the big bucks needed to transform the way America eats


Event Recording: ShiftCon Climate Summit - A Call to Climate Action

The CC was invited to convene a conversation for ShiftCon to inspire and engage top influencers on the urgency and imperative of climate action. We hosted a moderated conversation with Gina McCarthy, Jamie Margolin, Reverend Yearwood, and Tamara Toles O'Laughlin. View a recording here!


America is All In on Climate Action

Ahead of the five year anniversary of the Paris Climate Agreement, more than 1,400+ businesses, cities, states, investors, and other U.S. institutions stood together and called for an ambitious and equitable national climate response. Over 200 CC committed companies joined a diverse set of businesses and institutions representing nearly every corner of the American economy and society. Read more about the announcement here!


Partner Resource: Climate Action Tracker

The recent wave of net zero targets has put the Paris Agreement's 1.5°C within striking distance. The Climate Action Tracker (CAT) has calculated that global warming by 2100 could be as low as 2.1°C as a result of all the net zero pledges announced as of November 2020. Read the report here!



Call for Applicants: Rabobank - MIT Food & Agribusiness Innovation Prize

MIT Food & Ag Club are seeking applicants from start-ups with a novel or innovative product, service, or process for, or directly related to, food and agribusiness. Ideally, the proposal has a sustainability benefit that will improve the food system at a point in the value chain. At least one member must be an active full time student at a North American undergraduate or graduate institution. An example of a proposal could be something that reduces waste or repurposes ingredients, byproducts, or food-related materials to enable circularity. Find out more and apply here!




Have you had any climate impact successes you think we should know about? Send them our way and we’ll make sure that your lessons learned benefit the whole community. 

Send us any blog or social media posts your company publishes about your experience reducing your impact on the climate and we’ll spread the word!

Twitter: @climatecoll     Instagram: @theclimatecollaborative    Facebook: /climatecollab


If you haven't already made a commitment to Climate Action please visit the Climate Collaborative website and check out the nine areas in which your company can make a commitment to bold climate action.


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