We are less than one month into 2021 and just a week into a new administration, and already there are some bright spots on the climate horizon: The U.S. is back in the Paris Climate Agreement. A new suite of executive orders on climate is expected today, banning drilling leases on federal land, creating an emissions reduction task force, naming climate as a national security priority, conserving 30% of federal land and water by 2030, and more. This builds on the ambitious climate plan that President Biden has outlined.

All of this is happening alongside research showing that a growing, substantial majority of Americans support climate policies, emissions reduction strategies, and investments in clean energy--and that 86% of voters support providing federal funding to help farmers improve farming practices to protect and restore the soil so it absorbs and stores more carbon.

We can't miss this opportunity to act, with both political will and consumer support backing climate action. This will be a vital year for every company in our community to think through how you are showing up to support federal efforts, communicating climate priorities to your consumers, and collaborating across your supply chains to deepen climate engagement and action. We have a narrow window and so much potential to make meaningful strides in improving our industry response to climate change and our national response. 

I hope you'll start by joining next week's climate-justice-centered webinar for a sneak peek at resources and leading expertise on how to apply a justice lens to all your climate priorities. We hope to see you there!

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Welcome to the newest companies making commitments, BRINGiT, Rutherford & Meyer, Cooperative Coffees, GnuSante Creations, Produce Mate, AFRD Georgia, Metta Earth Institute, Inc., Nia Impact Capital, Jendela desa Indonesia, Amavida Coffee Roasters, THG Energy, TerViva, New England Natural Bakers, tentree, 40 Acre Co-op, JM Smucker Company, Ninglement Inc, and Cooper Mountain Vineyards! Click here for a complete list of the companies that have made commitments to date.

SPOTLIGHT: Starting off the new year with some good news


As we kick off a new and hopefully less tumultuous year, I wanted to share some GOOD climate news we already have coming down the pike in 2021. Hundreds of Climate Collaborative companies stepped up and engaged in policy advocacy last year—many for the first time—through LEAD on Climate, America is All in, and dozens of state-based efforts. Today I can tell you, your efforts are making a difference. Read our reflections here!  


Tony's Coffee Celebrates 50 Year Anniversary with Commemorative Blend, Climate Challenge, and Coffee Giveaways

Share your good news with us! In this new section of our newsletter, we want to share out climate-related progress, announcements and good news from our community in action. Send us an email at [email protected] to contribute to next month's section.


America Is Back in the International Climate Effort

Most Democrats and Republicans think the government should make climate change a priority

Achieving a net-zero emission supply chain could be cheaper than you think

Starbucks, Unilever, Dairy Farmers of America on Their Food-Waste-to-Energy Alliance

New research reveals measurable benefits of organic cotton production

121 Food Organizations to Watch in 2021

Energy efficiency boosts jobs and cuts climate heat


2020 Tracking Progress Survey

In December we announced the results of our Tracking Progress survey. The Tracking Progress Update highlights the type and amount of progress that committed companies are making around their climate action commitments. We ask companies where in the implementation process they are, whether they are quantifying emissions reductions, and for details on their progress. Read about the progress our community is making here!



New Partner Study: Most Voters Support Ambitious Climate Action


We are pleased to release a new report “Politics & Global Warming” based on our latest national survey, conducted after the 2020 election. With climate change a top priority of the incoming Biden-Harris administration, climate champions nominated to lead multiple federal agencies and programs, and with narrow Democratic control of the U.S. House and Senate, there will likely soon be multiple opportunities to reduce carbon pollution and accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy. Read more here!



SME Climate Hub


The SME Climate Hub encourages small and medium-sized companies to take immediate action to halving greenhouse gas emissions before 2030 and reaching net-zero emissions before 2050. The Climate Hub has practical and science-aligned tools and resources to help SMEs achieve net-zero emissions. Their curated list includes resources and tools from the Climate Collaborative. You can find them here on their site!



Upcoming Events

Addressing the Climate Emergency with a Justice Lens

Thursday, February 4, 2021 1 PM ET // 12 PM CT // 11 AM MT // 10 AM PT

Join our February webinar to learn how your company can navigate the intersectionality of climate and racial justice. We'll kick off our session with a keynote from Michelle Romero from Green For All. We'll then share an overview and sneak peek into insights and learnings from B Lab's upcoming Climate Justice Playbook, along with examples of how businesses like yours are integrating climate justice considerations into your planning and projects. Learn more and register here!

Partner Event: Climate Change & Biden's First 100 Days with Gina McCarthy

Thursday, January 28, 2021 3 PM ET // 2 PM CT // 1 PM MT // 12 PM PT

President-elect Joe Biden has committed his administration to necessary, aggressive action on climate change, with a bold climate strategy highlighted by the appointment of Gina McCarthy as the first-ever head of the Domestic Climate Policy Office. Ms. McCarthy will highlight what we can expect from the incoming administration in the first 100 days as well as President Biden’s longer-term plans for domestic climate policy as it relates to our economy. Learn more and register here!

Partner Event: A Community Approach to JEDI: How to Apply a JEDI Lens to Everything from Supply Chain Decisions to Policy Actions

Thursday, February 2, 2021 2 PM ET // 1 PM CT // 12 PM MT // 11 AM PT

Fostering justice, equity, diversity and inclusion must extend beyond your organization and even your consumer base for this work to truly have optimal impact. Join this session to learn more about how to authentically connect with your local community, why gender is a critical component to consider in your supply chain, and leveraging public policy to protect and support supply chain workers. Learn more and register here!

Partner Event: Regenerative Earth Summit Session 3

February 24 & 25, 2021

The third Regenerative Earth Summit in this 4-part series will focus on Finance, Technology & Policy. Over the course of two days, this Summit will address what investing in a regenerative world looks like, finance barriers to overcome, innovations in technology, and policies that can create the missing infrastructure and incentives to advance adaption of both regenerative agriculture and a regenerative-focused economy. Learn more and register here!


Have you had any climate impact successes you think we should know about? Send them our way and we’ll make sure that your lessons learned benefit the whole community. 

Send us any blog or social media posts your company publishes about your experience reducing your impact on the climate and we’ll spread the word!

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If you haven't already made a commitment to Climate Action please visit the Climate Collaborative website and check out the nine areas in which your company can make a commitment to bold climate action.


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