Consumers are Key: Engaging End Consumers to Mitigate Climate

Consumers are Key: Engaging End Consumers to Mitigate Climate will introduce attendees to speakers from market research firm NMI, Seventh Generation, and Dr. Bronner’s to reveal the inner workings of consumer purchasing trends and company strategies and tactics to engage them in their good climate work.

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SFTA Partner Webinar: GHG Inventory 101 Training

Tracking, reporting and managing sources of climate pollution, known as greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) are essential as the impacts of climate change become increasingly apparent and severe. The first step to managing emissions is to conduct a GHG inventory or carbon footprint. This 1-hour introductory webinar began with the basics of GHG accounting and highlight the data, tools and resources available, and the steps you need to take to complete a GHG inventory for the first time. The webinar introduced Good Company’s web-based training program and GHG calculator.


Yin and Yang: Understanding and Conveying Advantages of your Sustainable Product Packaging

In the natural product industry, few discussions can be more technical than that of product packaging. Yet developing a fluency in sustainable packaging is critical to help drive sustainable, climate-friendly packaging design within companies, and the ability to convey sustainable design choices and advantages to consumers. These two points –packaging fluency and related consumer engagement— drive the Climate Collaborative’s September webinar.

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Webinar: The Tenant's Triumph - How to Improve Energy Signatures of Leased Facilities

When you don’t own your roof, walls, or HVAC system, how can you improve energy efficiency or invest in renewables? The Tenant’s Triumph examines this question through the lenses of behavioral techniques and technical steps companies can employ. 

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Webinar: Potent Pollutants: Mitigating the Power of Methane, Black Carbon and Hydrofluorocarbons

Potent Pollutants breaks open the topic of SLCPs in this webinar, explaining what they are, their impacts, and how they are generated – especially in the natural products sector. This introduction will prepare attendees for future programming that will continue to dive deeper into additional categories of SLCP emissions, including agriculture, waste, and more. 

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Katharine Hayhoe at Climate Day 2018

Katharine Hayhoe at Climate Day 2018.

Carla Vernón at Climate Day 2018

Carla Vernón at Climate Day 2018.

Gina McCarthy at Climate Day 2018

Gina McCarthy at Climate Day 2018.


Webinar: A Delicate Balance - The Science, Art, and Business of Sustainable Plastic Packaging Design

Join us as we explore the climate tradeoffs and stakeholder engagement process for optimizing plastic packaging. Experts from WSP and Alter Eco will join OSC2's Lara Dickinson to look at the pros and cons of existing plastic packaging options and related climate mitigation tactics, including source reduction and use of bio-based plastics--and we'll look at the need for scalability as part of new packaging technology to ensure sufficient margins.

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Knowing how packaging can be modified to meet sustainability goals and improve environmental impacts can be a long road to travel with layers of considerations. Companies and supply chain partners alike must look at multiple questions during this process. This webinar training will help attendees understand specifically how to use an LCA tool through demonstration of the EcoImpact COMPASS LCA tool. Experts from Trayak are able to show a live example of how it works, as well as provide multiple examples of packaging improvements that have been made with its input.