All Together Now: Supply Chain Trends and Tools in Climate Mitigation

Most companies' emissions are concentrated within their supply chains, and in our October webinar, we shared practical tools and examples of how you can be ramping up your supply chain mitigation efforts. 

You can download the slides here


Analysis. Action. Repeat: Steps and Tools for Comprehensive Climate Action Plans

“Taking action” is the most critical step to combatting climate change, and these actions can become more refined and impactful through use of Climate Action Plans. Our September webinar de-mystifies the science and art of Climate Action Plans. Presented by SFTA and climate planning and greenhouse gas calculation experts Good CompanyAnalysis. Action. Repeat. distills Climate Action Plans into clear, actionable steps for the natural products industry.

You can download the slides here

Waste Less, Save More! How as Retailers, You Can Take Steps to Save Food and Money

Join us for a special August ReCAP session providing hands-on practical tools for small-and-medium-sized retailers to reduce their food waste in-store. Food waste expert Dana Gunders will present a core set of best practices on food waste, and share our trends on how NCG co-ops, INFRA members stores, and other independent grocers are currently taking on food waste. This project was enabled by the generous sponsorship of KeHE.

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The Regenerative Toolbox: Developing and Implementing Self-Assessment Tools

Have you ever wanted to conduct an assessment of carbon farming practices in your supply chain? Then our Rooted Community’s July session is for you! We take a frank look into the journey of developing and implementing self-assessment tools to measure carbon-farming and regenerative agriculture practices.


Taking on Transport: A Roadmap to Reducing Your Freight-Related Footprint

Our July webinar dove into the practical, leading global tools and resources aimed at helping companies assess and measure impacts throughout their transportation systems. We're joined by BSR who shared valuable information on their working groups as well as a roadmap of associated resources.

You can download the slides here


Climate Collaborative Introductory Webinar: Building a Roadmap for Climate Action

This June, the Climate Collaborative hosted an introductory webinar for companies wishing to learn more about how to integrate regenerative agriculture, food waste, packaging, and other climate-related goals into their work. We shared information on how the Climate Collaborative, and its network of 375+ natural products companies, can help you as you work toward implementing climate change goals and actions.

You can download the slides here


What’s In It For Me? Incentivizing Suppliers Around Climate

Do you wish you could have a conversation about how to engage your supply chain on climate mitigation with one of the world’s leading retailers? Walmart shared their approach to engaging their supply chain partners around climate mitigation, and the successes and learnings they've gained to date. We heard about their two-pronged strategy of incentivization and empowerment in engaging suppliers.

You can download the slides here


Clear Winners: How Three Companies Improved their Packaging Impacts Using LCAs

Last May we shared an opportunity for three Climate Collaborative committed companies to work with Trayak to improve the climate impacts of their packaging. Join us for a special May report highlighting the improvements each company chose to make, and the associated environmental impacts.

You can download the slides here

Climate Day 2019 Livestream

If you missed Climate Day at Expo West you can watch the full recording here!

Video of Climate Impact

In the lead up to Climate Day this year, we asked for videos sharing the positive impact and progress you're seeing in your climate work. We received a tremendous number of videos from companies across the industry showcasing your work. Enjoy the compilation of great work throughout the industry!