Climate Collaborative Briefing at Expo East 2017

Erin Callahan, Director of the Climate Collaborative, reports on the progress of the Collaborative since launching at Expo West in March.  Speakers include Corinne Shindelar of INFRA, Lara Dickinson of OSC2,  and representatives of some of the companies who have made big commitments with the Collaborative. 

Webinar: Right Side Up: The Lowdown on Packaging Lifecycle Climate Impacts and Opportunities

Nancy Hirshberg of Hirshberg Strategic provides an overview of the climate impacts of packaging across product lifecycles, and identifies strategies companies can employ to reduce the impacts.

Webinar: The Fast and the Furious: A Company's Guide to Reducing Transportation Emissions

Speakers from the Environmental Defense Fund and Happy Family Brands discuss best practices around reducing climate impacts through transportation.

Download the slides HERE.

Webinar: Leveraging Supply Chains to Regenerate Farmlands and Forests

Andrew Nobrega from PUR Projet and Mathieu Senard from Alter Eco discuss the livelihood benefits of ecosystem restoration and climate action at the farm level.

Download the slides HERE.

Regenerative Agriculture Panel

Regenerative Agriculture – a provocative and insightful discussion from Climate Day featuring panelists from Patagonia, USDA, Nutiva and others.

RECs, PPAs, & the Alphabet Soup of Purchasing Renewable Energy

To learn more about RECs, PPAs and how to make sure your renewable energy purchases are having an impact check out this workshop by Mark Trexler of the Climatographers.

Implementing Carbon Farming in Your Supply Chain

Check out the video from Expo West 2017 with speakers from Dr. Bronner’s, Sustainable Food Lab, Carbon Underground, Soil & More International, and Numi Tea

Climate Day 2017 - Watch the Replay

For your convenience, here is a list of some of the sessions and the time that they begin in the video:
Joel Makower, Setting the Stage, 12:07
Eric Pierce, The Consumer Perspective, 22:14
Retailer Roundtable, 41:00
Agriculture Roundtable, 1:20:00
Executive Roundtable, 2:04:00
Company Commitments, 2:57:00
Policy Roundtable, 3:12:10
Paul Hawken, 3:48:00

Agriculture: The Climate Benefits of Grazing

Organic Valley discusses rotational grazing

Short-Lived Climate Pollutants: Rice Methane Production

Lotus discusses reducing SLCPs using the System of Rice Intensification (SRI)