Regenerative Toolbox: How OpenTEAM Software Can Help Farmers Draw Down Emissions

A variety of software tools help farmers and ranchers to track agricultural practices, calculate greenhouse gas emissions and sequestered carbon and remotely monitor environmental conditions. However, these helpful tools haven't been able to "talk" with one another to help mitigate climate impacts--until now. Speakers from Stonyfield, the USDA, and Land PKS discuss how OpenTEAM software knits together critical agricultural and climate-related software applications to create a powerful data-based, positive feedback loop that provides recommendations to speed up soil health and climate improvement on farms.

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Ideate. Analyze. Mitigate: Lessons From Packaging Life Cycle Assessments

Three natural product companies stepped up to the challenge of improving their packaging's climate impacts by participating in the Climate Collaborative's 2019 Packaging Climate Emissions Optimization Project. The Climate Collaborative's February webinar, led by project partner and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) expert Trayak, highlights the multi-layered results of these three projects.

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Mapping the Regenerative Standards Landscape

The Climate Collaborative kicks off its 2020 programming with an in-depth look at the regenerative standards landscape, featuring speakers from the Savory Institute, Soil Carbon Index, and Regenerative Organic Alliance. As regenerative agricultural practices continue to ignite the imagination and goals of the natural product industry’s climate forward-thinking companies, a handful of regenerative agricultural standards have been rising to the top.

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Roadmap to Climate Action & Collaboration in the Herbal & Supplements Industry

This December, The Climate Collaborative, AHPA, and ABC's Sustainable Herbs Program partnered to host a special introductory webinar for herbal and supplement companies on how you can join in creating a collaborative industry pathway to reversing climate change and get access to free resources that can support your own climate action journey.

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Catalyzing your Consumers on Climate

The Climate Collaborative is helping companies in our community build effective, action-focused dialogues on climate change through our new Consumer Engagement Working Group. Our November webinar featured Guru and leading companies in the industry who shared best practices in consumer engagement, the CC's working group plans for 2020, and concrete examples of successes and lessons learned from leading companies in the industry.

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SupplySide West: Sourcing for Impact

In this panel at SupplySide West, Josef Brinckmann, Traditional Medicinals Research Fellow, and Rupa Das, VP of Global Quality & Compliance for BI Nutraceuticals, join Ann Armbrecht of ABC's Sustainable Herbs Program and Holly Johnson of AHPA to discuss the challenges and opportunities of cross-stakeholder collaboration in building sustainability into supply chain networks. 



SupplySide West: Catalyzing Climate Action

In this panel at SupplySide West, you'll hear from experts Sara Newmark of MegaFood, Matt Dybala of Herb Pharm, and the Climate Collaborative, on how health and nutrition companies are making climate action core to their mission-- through regenerative agricultural practices, waste reductions, and more--and how doing so has not only reduced these companies' climate impacts, but improved their business relationships with customers. 


All Together Now: Supply Chain Trends and Tools in Climate Mitigation

Most companies' emissions are concentrated within their supply chains, and in our October webinar, we shared practical tools and examples of how you can be ramping up your supply chain mitigation efforts. 

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Analysis. Action. Repeat: Steps and Tools for Comprehensive Climate Action Plans

“Taking action” is the most critical step to combatting climate change, and these actions can become more refined and impactful through use of Climate Action Plans. Our September webinar de-mystifies the science and art of Climate Action Plans. Presented by SFTA and climate planning and greenhouse gas calculation experts Good CompanyAnalysis. Action. Repeat. distills Climate Action Plans into clear, actionable steps for the natural products industry.

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Waste Less, Save More! How as Retailers, You Can Take Steps to Save Food and Money

Join us for a special August ReCAP session providing hands-on practical tools for small-and-medium-sized retailers to reduce their food waste in-store. Food waste expert Dana Gunders will present a core set of best practices on food waste, and share our trends on how NCG co-ops, INFRA members stores, and other independent grocers are currently taking on food waste. This project was enabled by the generous sponsorship of KeHE.

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