Webinar: Making it Pay: Energy Efficiency Programs and Financing Options

Our latest webinar featured the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT), REI and the Department of Energy (DOE) on practical ways that companies can work toward implementing and financing energy efficiency projects.

Webinar: The Inexorable Rise of Renewables

Learn about the latest global movements in renewable energy and groundbreaking renewable energy initiatives being realized by Climate Collaborative committed companies. Speakers from the RE 100 campaign, Dr. Bronner’s, and Organic Valley will join to share practical information and case studies on how companies can ramp up their use of renewables.

View or download the slides HERE.

Webinar: From Producers to Co-Packers: Engaging your Supply Chain in Climate Change Initiatives

Speakers from Annie’s, the Sustainable Food Trade Association (SFTA), and Traditional Medicinals dig into what supply chain engagement looks like in practice, and talk through specific programs that can be developed to improve climate impacts in areas such as waste and air emissions management and packaging sustainability.

View or download the slides HERE.

Rooted Community Session 2: Cool Farm Tool Training

Cool Farm Tool deep dive with Daniella Malin of the Cool Farm Alliance and Ryan Zinn of Dr. Bronner's.

Webinar: The Role of Organic Farming in Climate Change Mitigation

Dr. Tracy Misiewicz presents information from a recent study by The Organic Center and the National Soil Project at Northeastern University, and discuss organic’s general relationship to carbon sequestration. She reviews how—and which—organic farming practices have been shown to mitigate climate change more than general conventional farming practices, and digs into the study methodology and results.

View or download the slides HERE.

Climate Collaborative Briefing at Expo East 2017

Erin Callahan, Director of the Climate Collaborative, reports on the progress of the Collaborative since launching at Expo West in March.  Speakers include Corinne Shindelar of INFRA, Lara Dickinson of OSC2,  and representatives of some of the companies who have made big commitments with the Collaborative. 

Webinar: Right Side Up: The Lowdown on Packaging Lifecycle Climate Impacts and Opportunities

Nancy Hirshberg of Hirshberg Strategic provides an overview of the climate impacts of packaging across product lifecycles, and identifies strategies companies can employ to reduce the impacts.

Webinar: The Fast and the Furious: A Company's Guide to Reducing Transportation Emissions

Speakers from the Environmental Defense Fund and Happy Family Brands discuss best practices around reducing climate impacts through transportation.

Download the slides HERE.

Webinar: Leveraging Supply Chains to Regenerate Farmlands and Forests

Andrew Nobrega from PUR Projet and Mathieu Senard from Alter Eco discuss the livelihood benefits of ecosystem restoration and climate action at the farm level.

Download the slides HERE.

Regenerative Agriculture Panel

Regenerative Agriculture – a provocative and insightful discussion from Climate Day featuring panelists from Patagonia, USDA, Nutiva and others.